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Company Services

Our company offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of aircraft owners, operators, and enthusiasts. We specialize in four primary areas to ensure a seamless and efficient experience in the world of aviation:

Navigating Aircraft Transactions with Expertise As exclusive sales agents, we excel in providing aircraft owners with expert market analysis. Our specialized research department generates detailed reports on competing aircraft for sale, including their specifications and asking prices. This data empowers owners to establish a realistic fair market retail value and corresponding asking price. Our comprehensive efforts encompass advertising in specialized publications and websites, as well as global distribution of aircraft details to clients, partners, and brokers. We conduct targeted outreach through calls and direct mailings, engaging with owners and operators of listed aircraft and other potential buyers.
Evaluating Aircraft Value with Precision At our company, we offer a versatile range of appraisal services, catering to a wide array of aircraft valuation requirements. Our services encompass comprehensive assessments and thorough on-site physical inspections of the aircraft and their associated records. Whether you require an appraisal to assess the past, present, or future value of an aircraft, our seasoned experts are dedicated to delivering meticulous and custom tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.
Ensuring Aircraft Integrity and Performance In aircraft maintenance and inspections, our commitment to excellence is evident. We conduct a thorough review of your aircraft's specifications and maintenance records. Our Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) work scope goes beyond industry standards, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. We coordinate with PPI facilities, oversee key flights and tests, monitor progress, and prepare informative reports. We classify and resolve identified defects to ensure compliance with standards.
Elevating Aircraft Interiors to Excellence Our interior services offer a customized strategy from project start to finish. We assist with specifications and technical evaluations, recommending top designers and centers. On-site supervision ensures smooth management and progressive inspections ensure quality and timeliness. For new or pre-owned aircraft, we maximize longevity with cost-effective upgrades in refurbishment, paint, and more.
Customized Services

Aircraft Appraisals & Valuations

There are many reasons why you or your business may wish to have your aircraft appraised. Obtaining an appraisal and valuation you can trust and rely on is important. Our appraisal process is the top in the industry and we stand being our proven system for valuing your aircraft.

• Past, present, and future valuations
• Pre-purchase appraisal
• Registration purpose
• Property tax valuations
• Damage and hangar damage assessments
• Refinancing.

Customized Services

Expert Witness

Over the years we have developed a very unique skillset that greatly benefits our clients. We serve as key expert witnesses to defend our client’s appraisals and valuations of their aircrafts. We have saved clients significant amounts of money and time through our testimonies.

• Pricing for your aircraft sale
• Submitting and defending valuation for property taxes
• Valuation assessment in the case the aircraft is damaged
• Justifying a valuation for refinancing purposes

Customized Services

Systems Integration

Our concierge team is here to orchestrate all of the details of owning an aircraft for you. We leverage our decades of experience and our vast network of industry partners to help you with everything from the interior of an aircraft, design and remodeling, to adding new avionic systems, installing wifi capabilities, to sourcing and training a flight department.

• Interior design, fabrication, installation, and certification
• Spare parts package
• Aircraft crew training
• Development and oversight of flight department

Customized Services

Flight Department


We help clients source and vet crew members to establish a flight department for their aircraft. A flight department is responsible for the management, maintenance, and operation of your aircraft. They include a pilot or pilots and the crew that will be working on your aircraft.

If you already have an established flight department, we can work directly with them to ensure you get the exact aircraft that will meet you and your team’s needs.

Customized Services

Leasing & Chartering

Deciding whether or not to lease or charter your private aircraft really depends on your goals and you estimated utilization. Once we understand these components, our team will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what both leasing and chartering your aircraft would look like.

From there we will connect you with our preferred partners around the world to help you establish a team who can coordinate and manage your aircraft when you are not using if for personal reasons. We will be there to guide you through every step.

Customized Services

Aircraft Management & Maintenance


Keeping accurate logs of your aircraft’s usage and flight hours is an essential aspect of managing it. As well staying on top of scheduled calendar maintenance. Some parts of the aircraft must be inspected or replaced on a schedule. While other repairs may be required on a case by case basis. We work directly with the best aircraft maintenance companies around the world to help you manage and maintain your aircraft.