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When you mandate Aircraft Marketing Ltd to exclusively represent and list your aircraft for sale, you are choosing a team of brokers that is highly experienced and dedicated to sourcing you the best offer possible. When we list an aircraft we leverage our vast global network of clients, partners, and brokers to find a buyer. We may also list targeted ad campaigns in industry leading marketplaces. The process begins with us conducting a thorough assessment and valuation of your aircraft.

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We Coordinate The Entire Sales Process

Asking Price

Our appraisal along with our market analysis of comps of your aircraft will serve as our asking price for your aircraft.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

If needed, we will recommend performing maintenance and upgrades to make your aircraft more attractive on the market.

Spec Sheet

Our team will put together a professional spec sheet of your aircrafts schematics, systems, features, and high-quality pictures.

Marketing Your Jet

We first present the spec sheet and asking price to our network of partners and clients around the world. Highly targeted ads will be placed in aviation publications.


Once we have interested buyers, we will arrange for them to view your aircraft your aircraft. We help you prepare your jet for the best first impression.

Negotiations & Contract

We specialize in negotiations and stand behind our valuation of your aircraft. For decades we have prided ourselves in always doing what is best for our clients.

Valuing Your Private Jet For Sale

In order to determine the highest listing price for your personal, business, or commercial aircraft, our team will first conduct a thorough appraisal. We inspect all aspects of your aircraft including its engines, avionics, systems, airframe, auxiliary power unit, its maintenance tracking reports, interior features and designs, and take into consideration its age. This valuation will be presented to you and serve as the asking price. 

Your Aircraft's Spec Sheet

Once your aircraft has been inspected and we have determined the asking price, our team will put together a customized Spec Sheet. This is similar to a brochure and is crafted specifically to your aircraft. It will highlight all of the technical components of the aircraft as well as high-quality pictures of your aircraft. The Spec Sheet is used to list and promote your private jet for sale.

Communication is key in any transaction and we pride ourselves in putting our clients first at Aircraft Marketing. We work around the clock to find you the right buyer. Our attention to details and industry knowledge keeps our clients coming back to us, and that is the best compliment we could ever ask for.

Lou Kaminsky
Founder & President Aircraft Marketing Ltd

Marketing & Showings

In addition to promoting your aircraft to our international network of clients and brokers, we will feature your private jet for sale in prominent industry publications and websites. We work tirelessly until we find you the perfect buyer.

Organizing showings for interested buyers is one of the most crucial aspects of selling your aircraft. Typically, the showings will take place at the hangar where the aircraft is registered and parked. In certain circumstances, we may recommend sending the aircraft to the potential buyer for an in person inspection.

showing for a private jet for sale

Negotiations & Contracts

When we find you the right buyer, our President & Founder, Lou Kaminsky, will head the negotiations for your transaction. His expertise, industry knowledge, and experience expedites the process. We are able to get an aircraft purchase agreement in place and move on to the pre-purchase inspections so we can get your aircraft sold as quickly as possible. Once completed, the final step is to deliver your aircraft to its new owner. 

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