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When you choose Aircraft Marketing Ltd to find you the perfect aircraft for your investment and goals, you will be working directly with our owner, Lou Kaminsky. Lou's unique approach to ensuring that you get the best aircraft and deal possible is based on nearly four decades of professional experience in the aviation industry. Along with our team of global strategic partners, we will work tirelessly to make certain that every minute detail of both your aircraft and the purchase transaction is accounted for. You can make your investment with confidence knowing you have committed trusted advisors, in Lou and our team, working in your best interest.

Determining The Best
Aircraft For You

Every deal is unique, and that is why we focus on providing our clients with the highest level of individualized service throughout the acquisition process. Narrowing down the perfect aircraft for you starts with understanding your mission and how you intend to utilize it.  Evaluating your goals and special requests enables us to recommend a specific class of aircraft that will best suit your needs. Using our global network, we will search an international database of available aircraft to target for your purchase.

there are lots of makes and models to choose from when buying a private jet

Exceeding OUr CLients Expectations

We Manage All Aspects Of Your Purchase

Global Search

In order to find you the best deal possible, we will use our vast international network to source your jet.

Market Research

Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of the market based on your goals and requests.


Our researchers will determine what similar aircraft have recently sold or been appraised for in comparison to your purchase.

Contract Negotiating & Writing

We are experts in negotiating and assisting in writing of contracts for buying a private jet.

Registration & Ownership Structure

Our decades of experience have helped us determine the best ownership structures and registration locations for your jet.

Tax Considerations

We specialize in helping determine the tax implications and advantages to buying a private jet.

Acquiring Your Perfect Jet

When you buy a private jet there is a lot of due diligence that goes into the purchase process, especially considering the different global regulations of each country. That is where an expert aircraft broker, like Lou, who understands the ins and outs of the aviation industry, and who is highly skilled in assisting in contract writing, can ensure that you get the best deal possible.  

Helping clients source the perfect aircraft for them is my passion and my life's work. The rules and regulation of the aviation industry is constantly changing. Navigating this complex global marketplace can be overwhelming for most, but that is exactly what we do for our clients. We guide them through the process. Our focus is on the details so you can always be confident in your investment in buying a private jet.

Lou Kaminsky
Founder & President Aircraft Marketing Ltd

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