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Helicopters are very popular and versatile rotary style aircraft. They are great for personal, commercial, and even specialty uses such as filming, tourism, and rescue. With such an array of utilizations, finding the right helicopter for your needs is crucial. Our team of highly experienced aircraft brokers make the process straightforward. In fact, when Aircraft Marketing was founded over 39 years ago, our first industry partnership was with Bell Helicopters. Guiding clients on how to buy a helicopter has been a specialty of ours ever since.

Narrowing Down The Perfect
Helicopter For You

Understanding how you intend to utilize your helicopter is the first step in helping us determine the optimal make and model of helicopter for you. We will use this information to establish a criteria that we can use to conduct an extensive worldwide search for helicopters that meet your exact needs and desires. 

We Go ABove & Beyond

Guiding You Through The Acquisition Process

Global Search

We use our vast network of owners and brokers to find you the best price on your ideal helicopter.

Market Research & Comps

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the global aircraft inventory that meets your criteria and provide you with comps to review.


Our team will source and oversee 3rd party experts as they conduct pre-purchase inspections of the helicopter.

Contract Negotiating & Writing

We are experts in negotiating and assisting in writing the contracts for buying your helicopter.

Registration & Ownership Structure

Our decades of experience have helped us determine the best ownership structures and registration locations for your helicopter.

Tax Considerations

We help clients in determining the tax implications and advantages to buying a helicopter.

Purchasing Your Helicopter

Once we have narrowed down your ideal helicopter make and model and completed all of the market analysis, we will target a specific aircraft. Our team will handle all of the details during the acquisition process including: 

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